Tuesday, October 15, 2013

730 Days

When you put it that way, 2 years doesn't seem like very long does it? But somehow, in just 730 days, I've completely abandoned life as "me" and wrapped myself wholeheartedly into a "we" with Dr. H. 

After two years of marriage, we've found our rhythm as a couple and settled into a partnership that is inextricably a piece of who I am. I define myself, without a moment's thought, as half of a "we" and though that may sound corny, when your identity is defined in part by your love for and life with another person, the future feels filled with endless possibility. Because I know that my own strength is limited and that my ability to dream big is confined to only my vision of the world, but with Dr. H as my "we", I have someone whispering words of encouragement in my ear and broadening my perspective on what's out there to experience. Whether it's something small like motivating me to keep peddling up the giant Loire Valley hill or something huge like fantasizing about buying a home and starting a family, there is no me anymore without my "we".

So dearest Dr. H... my Peruvian hiking partner and fellow Brazilian beach bum, my Portuguese co-explorer and French biking buddy... here's to the 730 days behind us and the thousands of days of love, support and adventure ahead. You are essential to the definition of me and I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Anniversary. (#babeitup)

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  1. Happy happy guys! Hope you had a wonderful vacation and a great anniversary evening!!