Friday, October 25, 2013

On Frogging

It isn't easy being green.
Dr. H and I are currently embroiled in a bitter night time a war. In truth, the war has been waging for years, with periods of relative peace marked by sudden and unpredictable uprises. It is the War of The Frog. The frog, for those unfamiliar with it, is the sleeping position in which the sleeper, on his/her side or stomach, keeps one leg straight while the other is bent, tucked under and slightly to the side (very much like a sitting frog <--). "Frogging", as we affectionately refer to it, is the preferred sleeping position of yours truly and recently Dr H has been going through a bit of a frogging phase himself. But that's not what sparked the war. The war is the result of each of our preference for frogging toward the middle of the bed and inevitably, going "over the line". Dr H gave me a stern warning the other morning that I'd spent much of the night with my frog leg on his side of the bed. Somewhere around 2am last week, I physically shoved off his frog, to remove it from my hip (viewed as an act of unprovoked aggression by my bed-mate). 

So are we supposed to get a bigger bed (you know I've considered a bigger bed..!) or are we supposed to lay down each night and jigsaw puzzle piece our way into sleeping position leaving to chance the possibility of an over the line infraction in which someone takes a knee to the gut (or groin, sorry!) during the night? We are not the biggest people, we should be able to manage in our generously proportioned queen size bed. But with my right frog and his left frog refusing to back down, for now, the war wages on.

PS: 31 Days of Halloween
Just in time for the weekend, click HERE for full instructions from Simple As That to make these absolutely adorable Halloween crafts. The kiddos are gonna LOVE 'em. (Click HERE to Pin It)

PPS: "Feed Your Football Face" Recipe of the Week Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll Ups
I think the picture says it all folks (especially since the Pin doesn't link to anything!!) but just in case... Buy the pre-packaged dough, some pepperoni (or turkey pepperoni, which FYI is delish) and cut your polly-o's in half. Roll, paint on a little olive oil, sprinkle w garlic and bake til brown. Don't forget the red sauce for dipping!!

PPPS: A truly heartwarming thanks for the lovin I got in the comments section yesterday. I guess my need for inspiration was a bit reflective of my uninspired mood and holy cow was it uplifting to hear from some of you. Thank you thank you and have a wonderful weekend my merry friends!!!

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