Thursday, October 17, 2013

24 hours in DC

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You know how nothing else will ever taste as good as your moms _______ (insert comfort food here)? And that's probably because her version was the first version you ever tasted and because there are warm, fuzzy, wonderful memories associated with that dish? And even if the fanciest, classically trained chef were to make that dish for you, you'd still prefer your moms?

Well, Washington, DC had the same effect on me. No city will ever compare to it, in my eyes. Its the first (and only, I guess) big city that I've lived in. The neighborhoods, the restaurants, the culture, (the history, for pete's sake!) - it suited me perfectly. I moved back closer to home (starting a family might do that to ya) after living in DC for almost 5 years. In a couple of weeks, I get to go back for the 2nd time since leaving 3 years ago. So I'll have 24 hours to relive a bit of my past. And I will be eating nonstop! (I know you all plan trips based solely on the location of delicious food and are already thinking about the next meal while still eating the previous one!) 
I thought I would share with you my short list of likely destinations during my abbr. trip (mostly restaurants). Now, I know that this list will not knock your socks off with trendy and see-or-be-seen power spots (check out the Bitches for the real scoop)...but, it is a list of spots that make a transient city feel like home, so there.

*Matchbox DC (the apple pear salad is my favorite salad from anywhere, hands down)
*Founding Farmers ( My go-to dinner spot with one of my besties.
*Cone E. Island
Ice Cream (yours truly spent a summer scooping up some tast e. treats there) Get the fantasy bar - as a topping or a whole bar. You're welcome.
*Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe (get the Goober Pie for dessert. Just do it, don't ask questions)
*This little cafe down the street from my old office (they have an iced chai latte unlike any I've ever tasted)
*Chop't (yeah, yeah, chain-shmain, soooo good though)
*Georgetown Cupcake (cliche I know - but, but...I'd been going there since almost day 1 - their tiny store was right around the corner from where we watched football games on Sundays). While in Georgetown, do yourself (and your closet) a favor and go shopping.

What would your list look like (for any city)?

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  1. This borders on touristy, but the food, atmosphere at the Old Ebbitts grill cannot be beat. I gave my daughter and her mom a huge build up the first time I took her there. "This is were the real power brokers eat, the faces on the news," I told them. We walked in a Saturday (mistake) and the place was packed with noisy middle schools kids, their teachers, and mom's. "Power brokers?" my family asked. Sure. We sat down, ordered, and looked across the aisle, and siting there eating alone and reading his paper was LBJ.s Defense Secretary Robert McNamara! Exoneration for me!!