Monday, December 22, 2014

Belated but not forgotten...

On December 9th there was a milestone around here that came and went unacknowledged. I can't believe it, but I totally missed celebrating Seek to be Merry's 3rd birthday (whhhat!?!) That's right, it's been three whole years since this little hobby took off and that's quite an accomplishment if I don't say so myself! 2014 as a blogger was a bit all over the place, much like 2014 was for me as a human. There was a lot of snow and travel and big huge life decisions. I ate well and drank often. I let go of being a 5-day-per-week-without-fail blog post-er and I adopted the hashtag as a form of communication (#EmbraceIt). 2014 was so many things, that I forgot to stop and celebrate my own blog's birthday. Whoa. 

Maybe, like all things as they get older, each passing year becomes less of a "THING" and more of "just another thing". Maybe I'm totally distracted by work and juggling wonderful things going on with family and friends. Maybe I don't need my blog as much as I did in 2011 when I escaped to this corner of the internet with all of you. Who knows. Who cares!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!

To celebrate, here are some of my most favorite posts and a roundup of all the goodness we shared: 

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