Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hump Day on Delay

I didn't realize others also employed this strategy.
I'm here, I'm here!! This week is flyin by, but not so fast that we couldn't use a few distractions... Here are some eats, treats and excellent reads from around the web. Enjoy!

* There is such thing as a latke chicken finger and I must have it ASAP (thank goodness Sticky's is down the street!)
* It is no longer true that the US divorce rate is rising or that 50% of marriages end in divorce. This interesting NY Times article breaks down the stats and explains the positive shift.
* Adorable puns never stop making me smile.
* I've got some little humans in my life who just might need this book for the holidays!
* Congrats to the Gross-Pantti families (and other truly unfortunately name combinations)
* Currently accepting invitations to any party which necessitates my purchasing THESE.
* 'tis the season for slow cookin.
* Disney princes like you've absolutely positively never seen them before (100% NSFW and possibly offensive, or if you're me, gross but mostly hysterical. You've been warned!)

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