Thursday, December 18, 2014

too hot?

But do you think it's too hot to try?
I am typing this post after sustaining a serious thumb injury. I actually think working through the pain to be here today is pretty hard core by blogger standards. Am I going to survive? Probably. Do I need to tell you the ridiculous short story? Of course... You see, last night I burned myself pretty badly when I intentionally touched something that I knew was going to be hot. Seriously. This is a thing I've noticed I do, and I think (hope!?) I'm not alone, and it's completely ridiculous. I knew the glass of the candle I wanted to pick up was going to be hot, but I didn't know how hot, so I touched it to find out. Answer: scalding hot, the glass was scalding hot. Have you ever done this? When you wonder if the soup is too hot to eat, do you taste it to find out? Do you investigate whether the stove top is cool enough to clean by laying your hand on it? I should touch the straightener to see if it's hot enough to start doing my hair right!? Geez... it is apparently a miracle I have not scorched my hands off. 

And on a completely unrelated note, I know everyone is sharing this today, but if you have been listening to Serial 1) OMG today is the final episode and 2) this is freakin laugh-out-loud hysterical and you must listen. Enjoy!

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