Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Classifieds: Lonely work-from-homer seeking office-dwelling friend with peppermint bark (or brownies. or cookies).

It is no secret that I'm still struggling a bit with my new daily routine of working by myself, for myself, at home. There are more than a few moments that I'm not exactly proud of, like the time I was so overwhelmed by work that I skipped showering and was caught by Dr. H wearing the same t-shirt 2 days in a row... or when I ate pizza for every meal... for 36 hours straight. (It's amazing what you'll find yourself ok with when you know no one is watching.) Well yesterday I hit a new low (or level of craftiness, depending on your angle). Yesterday at around 5pm I emailed my husband and said "feel free to bring home 
peppermint bark, brownies or a small sampling of any other good treats that have been delivered to your office." And by "feel free" obviously I meant DO IT and by "small sampling" I meant BRING ME ALL THE THINGS. 

I'm not proud that I have resorted to eating other office's seasonal "thank you" deliveries and homemade treats, but really, what choice do I have?! I can't miss out on holiday over-indulgence (and post New Years complaining), but I don't have an amazing admin bringing in her "famous italian cookies", or leftovers from the holiday party or fattening gifts from happy clients and partners (next year!?). I'm just a lonely work-from-homer seeking an office-dwelling friend willing to share his/her peppermint bark. #NoShame.

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