Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pull it (like "Push it" but much tastier)

An affliction so well known, there are eCards for it.
Recently I've noticed a trend on my Pinterest feed and it isn't just an explosion of red, green and glitter (#seasonalpinning) - it's "Pull-Apart Bread" creations. Now maybe I'm behind the times, but I'd never heard of pull-apart bread until recently and I've certainly never made one. That said, I've also never come across a carb I didn't love and when you stuff a carb with cheese, I pretty much lose my shizz. Plus, the recipes I'm spying usually involve pre-made dough so my complete lack of patience for baking shouldn't be an issue. Here for your "bulking up for winter" pleasure are some simple, tasty pull-apart bread recipes perfect for holiday entertaining!

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls (so cute and tasty!)
Pin it HERE, Full recipe HERE.

Grilled Cheese Pull-Apart Rolls (yeeeeessss!)
Pin it HERE, Full recipe HERE.

Breakfast Pull-Apart Bread (there's bacon!)
Pin it HERE, Full Recipe HERE.

Cinnamon Pull-Apart Monkey Bread (bc sugar is an excellent substitute for cheese)
Pin it HERE, Full Recipe HERE.

Plus, here are 16 more Pull-Apart Bread Recipes for you to salivate over.

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  1. I love pull-apart bread so much and I need to try the cinnamon one very soon. Happy morning, sweetie.