Monday, July 14, 2014

Let's all pause for a moment...

... and talk about Beyonce. Because seriously guys, we need to talk about Beyonce. On Friday night I was lucky enough to attend the Beyonce + Jay-Z On the Run Tour show at MetLife Stadium and Beyonce freakin BLEW.MY.MIND.

Here's the thing - we all know Beyonce is a Queen... we know she has a voice from the heavens and a body from the Gods (which she endearingly confesses to working like a madwoman to maintain), but seeing her live was a whole other situation. Because Beyonce is absolutely nailing it when it comes to being an age-appropriate, sexy as hell, hard hitting pop icon. Unlike her less vocally talented contemporaries (I still love you Britney) or the "can't leave what I wore in my 20s behind me" female artists (J. Lo and Mariah I'm lookin at you!) Beyonce looks and sounds hotter than ever as a married mother of 1. She exudes mature sexuality, she sings empowering lyrics and she somehow still moves around the stage with the energy of a teen Destiny's Child member. Beyonce's performance makes every woman in the audience believe in her own fierce, sexy, powerful self. There's nothing trashy or schticky, it's just Queen B bein Flawless and it is incredible to watch. So I bow down to you Mrs. Carter for making all us independent women look so damn good.

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