Monday, July 21, 2014

The highlight of my weekend (a funny little story)

Not my actual suitor, but certainly an adorable alternative
Hello my lovelies and welcome to a most manic Monday (for me at least!) But I wanted to pop in and tell you a funny little story from my weekend:

It's 7:40pm and Dr. H and I are hustling down the FDR Drive in an attempt to return our rental car before the 8pm deadline. We get off at 23rd street and I curse the red light that appears just as I'm about to clear the intersection. I sit at the light as a young family, Mom and Dad (holding a small daughter) and a son, probably around 10 years old, begin to cross in front of my car. The little dude looks at me in the drivers seat, makes eye contact and then gestures and mouths "call me". There is no denying that this invitation is intended for me. I burst into a smile and ask Dr. H "did you see that!?" We both look forward again and the kid is all smiles pointing and gesturing his hand like a phone (unbeknownst to his parents walking a pace ahead) "call me". I give him my sassiest smile and a thumbs up.

That kid is gonna be a lady killer. Watch out girls.

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