Thursday, July 31, 2014

For the Kiddos

Sassy summer Mama
Even though it’s easy to start getting the ho hums about summer whizzing by (have you seen the back-to-school commercials?) the reality is that summer is most definitely NOT over. In fact, we have an entire glorious month to go! And since the kiddos are still hanging at home (and parents/babysitters are likely running out of ideas and inspiration to keep them entertained) I thought today would be the perfect day to have a Summer Inspired For the Kiddos post. So round up the lovely littles in your life, check out the goodies below and let’s make the most of this August!

* Paper plates have never looked so good!
I love doing craft projects with little kids, especially ones that they can easily execute on their own. These 20 paper plate projects from Spoonful are low maintenance, low cost, and absolutely adorable. Sounds like the perfect children's activity no!? Pin ‘em HERE or visit the full site HERE.

* Close by and Hands Free
This gem comes from the supermom of my adorable niece and nephew (aka my sister-in-law) and I think you’re gonna LOVE it. Have you heard of the Go-Pod? If you haven’t, this easy to pack, pop-up and use contraption is perfect for your littlest babes who just want to be nearby and have a great view for the family BBQ, evening at the beach, or picnic in the park. Sold everywhere, the Go-Pod just might become your go-to for the 4-months and up member of your posse.

* Stylin' Summer Outfits
There are few things more adorable than babies in rompers; but I think babies in printed rompers might be one of them. I absolutely LOVE the collection of prints from Winter Water Factory, like those little fishies above or these anchors or maybe sailing ships? And while you’re shopping for baby clothes, don’t forget to check out what they carry for adults because those really are some sassy/fun prints!

* Deliciously Adorable
Stop right now- we have to go and make these Star Fish S’mores… that’s right, they’re S’MORES!! And while I confess this recipe is a bit more detail-oriented than what I typically go for, I think all you Betty Crockers’ out there should do it while the rest of us get inspired to make a simpler version (dip star-shaped sugar cookies in chocolate and then use the exterior instructions from there?)

* Make mealtime more merry!
How adorable is that plate? I just discovered that Shutterfly now has an entire home décor section including these fun plates that you can customize for the entire family (they remind me of those draw-on then bake-in-the-oven plates I made for all my grandparents as a kid!) These would make an adorable gift or how about a picnic perfect gingham and stripes combo for your own family!?  Let your kids help pick their favorite pictures and I guarantee dinner is about to get way more fun!

* Tips for Travelling with Littles
Summer vacations aren’t always easy when you have tiny travelers to contend with, but thankfully the always cheerful Naomi of Love Taza has some expert tips for hitting the road with kiddos while ensuring summer fun. From the obvious notes (be flexible with your schedule) to fun insider tips (cough up the $$$ for a centrally located hotel room to maximize time spent out and about), click HERE for Love Taza’s full list of tips.

Do you all have any fun summer plans? What do you do to keep the kiddos entertained on hot summer days?!

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