Monday, July 7, 2014

It's birthday week!

Happy happy birthday.
Hello hello and welcome to Merry Meri's birthday week!! Now please let the record show that while I am a big fan of birthdays, I traditionally limit my self-birthday-promotion to the day-of and perhaps a second weekend date for celebrating, but this year my wonderful Dr. H apparently has grander plans in mind. Since yesterday evening I've been tagged in a series of Instagram posts from Dr. H and my amazingly loving friends which appear to be counting down the years of my life (#2014, #2013, #2012, etc; #Birthdaygramathon #meri30for30). Now that I've caught on, when an alert pops up on my phone that another photo has been posted, I internally squeal with delight and race to unlock my phone and see who posted what photo (and what degree of embarrassing it may be!) It appears the good doctor took my "birthday wish not to have to plan my own birthday" request quite seriously and coordinated a week's worth of love and celebration. My heart is truly bursting with excitement and appreciation. (#Thatsalotoflove #WhataguyImarried).

And since I've got a serious case of birthday brain, I thought I'd go big or go home and make Birthdays the theme of this week's blog posts. We'll do some party ideas, gift inspirations and of course my thoughts on leaving my 20s behind. Birthday brain for everyone!! To kick off birthday week, here are some awesomely creative birthday cakes and sweet treats that even an amateur Betty Crocker could pull off. Enjoy:)

Look like a baking MASTER with this polka dot perfection. Pin it HERE, full post HERE.

Maybe a little cake for everyone at the party is more your cup of tea!? (Could be super cute for a kiddos birthday to have the littles each decorate their own!) Pin it HERE, full post HERE

How about a DIY Brownie Ice Cream Cake!? Sourced from Pinterest (HERE) via Cookies and Cups: Bake brownies as directed, let cool. (optional chocolate frosting for next layer). Scoop/spread softened ice cream (like choc chip, cookie dough, mint chip, chocolate). Freeze. Layer on store bought or homemade whip cream, throw on some sprinkles.

How about a "bouquet" of these adorable floral cupcakes for the bloom-loving birthday girl in your life!? Pin it HERE.

And for those who really want to avoid the oven, I don't think you'll hear any complaints if you prepare an artfully stacked birthday donut mountain for your birthday boy or girl (they might even prefer it!!) Pin it HERE.

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