Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Adorable. (I'm a tool I know. hehe. A tool. Get it!?)
Greetings humpers and welcome to your day (hehe, I'm feeling a little cheeky right now!) Merry Meri is on vacation, but no blogger worth her space on your bookmarks tab would leave you without some lovely links to get through the week AmIRight!? Happy humping!!

* I am 100% making one of these... someday.
* Well aren't you a sassy little number!?
* For those who've always had that dream about falling, this ride's for you.
* Holy crap THAT looks refreshing.
* I'm not sure I'm ready for this comeback (or will be ever).
* In addition to THESE adorable animal Insta accounts, you really should be following @OscartheFriendlyPup.
* This is hysterical (and also why I judge the general population to be frighteningly unintelligent).

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