Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This kid is a genius.
Today I have that mild headachy-burn-behind-the-eyes feeling because I've been working into the wee hours and last night also doing laundry (12:30am in the basement laundry room, totally normal) in advance of the insanely anticipated vacation I'm going on tomorrow (#JamaicanMe30 woop woooop!) I'm not complaining, because hello VACATION, but the "do it all now so vacation can be vacation" workload combined with my building excitement is making any level of focus today... interesting. And when focus is coming and going I thank the holy heavens for Pinterest. Here for your reading pleasure are some freshly mined gems from site that just keeps on giving (distractions... and procrastination... and mind numbing entertainment). Enjoy!

I'm not usually one for whites and pale pinks, but this bouquet is just stunning.

Well don't YOU just look like an out-of-this-world salty and sweet treat!?

If it could be done for just 24 hours, I'd totally do it.

Beautiful to look at and no doubt delightful to eat!

I never thought about it that way... 

I desperately want to slide on this slide.

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  1. Oh boy, I know the feeling:) Have the best time on your vacation, sweetie and talk to you soon. Btw: that salad looks oh-so good! xoxo