Thursday, July 17, 2014

American Ninja She-Warrior!

Warrior Woman
I have to confess something... about a week ago I stumbled upon the television show "American Ninja Warrior" and I couldn't look away. An obstacle course of human strength and jungle-gym-esque challenges, I watched person after person fail to swing or pull or climb their way towards an apparently big deal Las Vegas final. It was highly entertaining. And while watching I learned from just that 1 viewing, that NO woman had ever made it to the final... but then came Kasey:

This girl is a freakin BEAST! A 5-foot, 100 pound, 24 year old BEAST. Though I didn't catch the feat live, the former gymnast was a viral sensation by the time I work up this morning and after the 3rd post about her in my Facebook timeline I had to see her in action myself. Did you watch that video?! The stuff this chick does is straight up bananas. Strength and agility like WHOA. #MightyKasey.

So now I guess I'm gonna have to tune in, and I'm gonna have to cheer for this lady to leave all the other dude competitors in her dust. You go girl!!

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