Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thankful Hump Day

Sup G?
Happy almost Turkey Day my merry friends! In honor of the holiday and the day we all collectively say "why on earth did I bother coming into work?" (aka, today) I've compiled a fantastic list of distractions for you. I wish you all safe travels, delicious meals and a few moments of peaceful reflection to remember that no matter the challenges you face, there is much in this world to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

* I love this NYC tradition more than you can possibly imagine.
Big Squishable Animals. Yup.
* So funny. So true.
* Some people should really stay off of Facebook.
* The truth about what will be on your tv all day tomorrow.
* So easy, you can have THESE on your dessert table even with less than 24 hours notice. Sure to be gobbled up (hehe).
* Why Friday just might be more awesome than Thursday.
* Two really cool ways to support those still recovering from Hurricane Sandy HERE and HERE.
* 49% of me says "ahhh! so dangerous!" but 51% says "damn I want to try that". (Skip to 1 minute mark).
* Be thankful for what you have. Be charitable to those who have less. 

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