Thursday, November 29, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Raindrops on roses...
Today I thought I would share a few things that have become Merry Meri obsessions of late. From beauty and cleaning to workouts and water, here are a few "can't live without" items for your consideration:

* Clarisonic Mia *
Clarisonic - Mia™ Skin Cleansing System
Like an electric toothbrush for your face!
A little over a year ago I was in bride-to-be/how can I look like a more glam me? mode and I purchased a Clarisonic Mia after reading a glowing review from the beautifully skinned Rebecca of the Daily Muse. While I'm not sure I breakout less as a result of my Mia, my skin definitely looks significantly better - less dull and grey - thanks to a once daily scrub. A bit pricey ($120 at Sephora) I'm so pleased with the improvement to my skin that I'd definitely recommend the investment. 

* Skull Candy Headphones *
Aviator - Brown Gold w/Mic
Get on my ears!
When I walk around with my Skullcandy headphones on, I'm in my own little badass, music lovin, happy place. I freakin LOVE my giant headphones even if they do look a bit ridiculous on a white girl dressed for her office job (channeling my inner dj!?) The sound quality is awesome and not a week goes by without some random stranger complimenting their awesomeness. Perfectly priced for the holidays, gift or get some Skull Candy.

* Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo *
My hair's new bff
I mentioned that I was experimenting with dry shampoo back in May, but now it's been upgraded to "cannot live without" status. Always fearful of drying out my dyed and frequently blown-out locks (also I'm extremely lazy in the morning) dry shampoo, specifically Oscar Blandi brand, is pretty much the greatest invention ever. I few carefully placed and well rubbed in lines of the powder on my scalp and that "how long has it been since that chick washed her hair?" greasiness is traded in for volume and a clean-to-the-touch mane.

* Nathan Human Propulsion "Tritan Bottle" *
Nathan 700 ml Tritan Bottle with Flip Straw
Drink up!
I am obsessed with my turquoise "sippie straw" water bottle. I use it every day at my desk, when I workout and when I'm travelling. Purchased at Modell's for like $15 because I'm a big water drinker and hater of the waste individual plastic bottles create, this guy is dishwasher safe, has no BPA (a thing I know nothing about other than BPA = bad) and the straw seems to have the effect of making me drink more which is not only healthy, but seems to help with my ravenous appetite and seasonally dry skin. Grab a Tritan and drink up:)

* Mr. Clean Magic Eraser *
Mr.Clean® Magic Eraser® Original
Love that bald man.
You know you're getting old/growing up when one of the items you can't live without is a cleaning product, but peoples... this stuff is le-git. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers get EVERYTHING off your walls, whether it's scuffs from furniture, fingerprints from excessive wall touching (apparently something Dr. H and I are quite guilty of) or all the scratches and marks you get from 2+ attempts to hang that bookshelf that just keeps falling down (I know from experience?). I literally walk around exclaiming in amazement when I clean with these things - buy them!

* Vinyasa Flow Yoga *
Yoga Vida in NYC
I've come and go from the practice of yoga over the years, but I recently discovered a studio just a short walk from my apartment (convenience is key!) and it's hitting a yogi bliss sweet spot. Requiring intense control and mental clarity, yoga has been an excellent escape from work stress while simultaneously whipping me into shape. Yoga seems to magically produce results almost instantly, lengthening and tightening up some of my "soft spots" after only a few classes (visible results = excellent motivation). Whether you're a beginner or one of those crazy-headstanders, consider an hour on the mat next time you're looking to relax and workout.  

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  1. worth every penny! glad to see you're enjoying some yoga time too. :)