Friday, November 9, 2012

Order has been restored.

I do love potatoes...
Up until yesterday afternoon, Dr. H and I had been living in our new apartment sans cable or internet. With so many areas impacted by recent storms* the earliest appointment FiOs could give us was 5 days after our move-in. Given our affinity for vegging out in front of the tv (serious love for our "programs") this was a pretty gaping hole in our ability to "settle" into the new place. We'd been meandering through our evenings, lost souls with nothing to do but unpack boxes, assemble furniture and bicker out of exhaustion about the placement of stuffed animals (Dr. H is not pleased that his Joe Montana Wrestling Buddy has been relegated to a closet). 

But with the television back in our lives, it's like we've re-located our center. Last night I cooked dinner, we watched some shows, Dr. H did the dishes and we snuggled, little productivity-less zombies on the couch. I sighed and thought to myself "here is our routine, order has been restored." Those night stands that got delivered and require assembly? Tomorrow. The fact that our hall closet is mostly a heap of shizz with a giant stuffed penguin on top? I'll get to it. Maybe it's ridiculous to allow the tv to play such a vital role in our home, but honestly, I don't care. Life requires so much doing and organizing and thinking, that sometimes the anecdote has to be mindless entertainment. So thank you Carrie Matheson, Ron Swanson, Dwight Schrute and Jon Stewart for bringing normalcy back to our home. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a week's worth of television to catch up on.

*Ed. Note: Dr. H and I feel truly lucky to be in living in a heated home, with electricity and no storm damage. I recognize that quibbling over cable is a blessing relative to so many other NY'ers in truly dire circumstances. Make a difference by clicking HERE.

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