Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be lazy and save money!?

Dinner time decisions...
Dr. H and I both have colds. Amazingly, this is the first time in our relationship that we're sneezy, snotty messes, at the same time (that's hot right?!). What this translated to last night, was two very lazy people, laying on the couch, unable to decide what to do about dinner. "I'll just eat soup" he says. "I had soup for lunch" I answer. "Dude, I'm ordering from the pizza place, you in?" And just like that, I abandoned my "it's the holiday season (of spending), avoid unnecessary expenses" resolve and allowed a calzone and meatball sub to come to the rescue.

But when the delivery guy came to our door and the whopping grand total of $15 (including tip) sunk in, I realized that it would be tough to buy ingredients for a dinner for two that amounted to less than that. Our chinese and mexican takeout bills are often similarly low. One of the most glorious things about NYC is that you can get almost any type of cuisine delivered to your doorstep, at any time, at any price point you choose. Though we usually pride ourselves on being Manhattanites that actually cook, it could be that Dr. H and I would be better off not making our own dinner if the end game is to cut cost. And it's waaaay easier to lounge on the couch in sweatpants waiting for a delivery guy than to slave over the stove. How many nights in a row is too many when it comes to take out? Depending on how long these colds last, we just might find out.

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