Monday, November 12, 2012

My Imaginary Tattoo

Amazing what you can do with a pen & boredom
Lately I've been fixated on the idea of getting a tattoo. I can't explain where exactly the burning desire has come from, but suddenly I'm Pinterest-hunting designs and doodling on myself with a uniball pen, all the while knowing in the back of my mind that this is a permanent decision which I'm highly unlikely to actually go through with. The tattoo I'm never actually getting is an anchor. I'd put it on my left wrist, tiny enough to easily cover with a watch or bracelet. It's meaningful as a daily reminder to stay "anchored" and strong and also because it evokes happy thoughts of summers spent in the sunshine on my family's boat. As you can see, I've given this imaginary tattoo a lot of thought. 

Do you ever get an impulse to do something you know you're not really brave enough to do? Have you researched skydiving despite a fear of heights or planned for a haircut, but never actually let the scissors chop off those inches? When thinking through the idea of a tattoo, I find myself unable to deal with how permanent it is, yet there's something awesome about the imaginary plan. It's like "other meri" is playing what if? and I'm just enjoying the hypothetical. Maybe that's ok, kinda what our imaginations are for, to enjoy being the "other" version of ourselves that isn't attainable in reality... or maybe it's time for me to go get a tattoo...

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  1. Oh, that really cool idea~
    I have a white phrase tattoo on my bobs :))