Monday, June 4, 2012

Take me home.

Come here guys, I need a hug!
As you may have noticed, last week was a bit... off. A bit less merry... filled with more of life's tough stuff than anyone prefers. And you know what I wanted more than anything as the week wore on? To go home to my Mom and Dad's. Now this isn't the house I grew up in- there's no childhood bed or memories there, but it's where my parents are and I wanted to lay on their couch and listen to their voices and let them feed me delicious meals. I'm a married, professional woman and when life got tough, what I wanted was my Mom and Dad.

As I grow up and become an "adult" (used in quotations because I'm still not positive when exactly I'm old enough to fit into that category) I'm amazed by how much I still need my Mom and Dad. And it's not just because my Dad knows how to hang a light fixture and my Mom knows how to make a yellow-ed bathing suit white again... it's because their presence can calm me in some unspoken way. Traveling home with Dr. H for a day with my Mom and Dad took the weight of a very heavy week off my very tired shoulders. I guess even if we grow up and grow older, we never stop being our parents' kid. Awesome.
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