Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A bad good habit?

Not mentioned, SWEATY.
I recently started taking spin classes here in NYC. Four months post-op on my knee, I’m not quite strong enough to run which SUCKS for a girlie who uses running not just for fitness, but also for mental clarity. So I have taken up spinning, checking out classes at Pedal NYC (literally IN my apt bldg!) and at the awesomely awesome (and super trendy) Soul Cycle. So you’re all “she’s exercising, great what’s the big deal?” The big deal is that spin is no deal at all… at $30-34 per class, this is my worst “good” habit since discovering sashimi (how many $3 strips of raw fish does it take to fill YOU up!?)

Is there such a thing as a bad good habit? How do we pick which eco-friendly/healthy/fit expenses are worth the price!? I pay almost double for organic berries and who knows how much for bottled water and Brita filters, so why not round out my “healthy Meri monthly bill” by paying out the butt for an amazing workout that I really enjoy? I mean, I think my butt deserves a nice candle-lit bike ride every once in while! 

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