Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Mondays...

Case 'o da Summer Mondays...
Summer Mondays are freakin' brutal! Especially a Monday after a perfectly sunny/not too hot/plenty of fresh air and relaxing type weekend... Am I right!? To help you ease into the week (and feel energized enough to survive to the next sunny Saturday!) here are some goodies from the merry files.

Survive graduation season by gifting cash in this super unique
way (also an excuse to buy and eat several boxes of chocolate?)

Just downloaded some new music after a few weeks of Spotify testing (highly scientific). Let's all listen together: 
* The Lateness of the Hour by Alex Clare (whose song "Too Close" is featured in an Internet Explorer commercial)
* My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men (the track "Little Talks" is what caught my attention)
* Never Trust a Happy Song by Grouplove (thank you Spotify "Top Lists" playlist for this one)
* Megalithic Symphony by AWOLNATION (as heard during SYTYCD auditions and highly endorsed by my sis-in-law)
* Also, Katy Perry's Wide Awake (for when I'm feeling angsty) Gym Class Hero's The Fighter (because it's great for workin out/a very cool music video) and Pitbull's Back in Time from the MIB III soundtrack (which I'm willing to admit I purchased because Mr. Worldwide knows how to throw down a dance jam!)

I think my parents need this on their driveway...
(because I have no driveway of my own to make glow-in-the-dark!)

I hope Dr. H is hungry for some mexican,
because this week I'm firing up the crock pot!

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