Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daddy's Girl (always).

Do something quintessentially "Dad & me" - time together is an awesome gift.
Dudes and dudettes, Father's Day is THIS SUNDAY!! It feels like we were just standing in the greeting card aisle lamenting the awful selection of Mother's Day cards doesn't it? And for me, there's something about Father's Day that's much more difficult to nail than Mother's Day. Maybe it's because I'm a daughter, or because Dads so often just buy themselves the things they need/want, but to quote one of my girlfriends, "how many polo shirts can I buy him!?" So in preparation for this Father's Day, I thought I would help you think outside the box - find a way to tell your Dad he rocks without falling victim to the Hallmark-i-ness of the holiday. Because if your Dad is anything like my Dad, he is awesome. Luv you D ;)

What could be better than cheese delivered to Dad's doorstep?
Cheese delivered to Dad's doorstep EVERY MONTH!!!
Last year Sis and I got my Dad a cheese-of-the-month club membership and he LOVED it. "Of-the-month" clubs are an awesome way to gift a favorite item (wine, beer, hot sauce, jerky, PIZZA!) and introduce your Dad to a variety you might not have otherwise been brave enough to purchase. I've had great experiences with and love their fun variety (maybe your Dad needs a "Sirloin of the Month"!?)

Buy your Dad the car of his dreams!
Just because he's a Dad, doesn't mean he won't love a good toy. Most Dad's flip for gadgets, electronics, planes, trains and automobiles, so consider that remote controlled car you know he'll have a blast crashing around the driveway or maybe a classy dart board? The less practical, the better.

Get tickets to the game and wrap them thematically to take
the presentation up a notch from "hey Dad, here's an envelope"!
There's something so "Dad" about going to a game together. Even my Dad who isn't a huge sports fan, seems to love sitting in the stadium with his girls, enjoying hot dogs and a few hours of conversation. Pick an event you know your Dad loves and grab some tickets. Time together and live sports? It's a home run (hehe).

When in doubt, turn to music
What band did your Dad love as a teenager? Who is on that ratty concert t-shirt that he refuses to throw away? Check out who is touring this summer (Jones Beach has an awesome lineup) for a musical take on the gift above, or maybe buy a vinyl? If he doesn't have a record player, that might be a funky gift or consider professionally framing the album cover, turning it into a keepsake/piece of art.

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