Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Shows

"Boob tube".
So... now that The Office and 30 Rock and Mad Men and Dexter are all on hiatus, what are Dr. H and I feeding our tv addiction with you ask? While I admit the dvr is a bit empty these days (and I swear we're getting outside plenty to play) we've got plans to get by on a solid dose of summer shows and onDemand/Netflix options.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)
Better than American Idol, X Factor and Dancing With the Stars, combined.
There are some big fans of Nigel, Stacy Tookey and of course Miss Mary Murphy in this household! The only competition show Dr. H and I never miss an episode of, SYTYCD (yes, there is an acronym) is an amazing showcase of the beautiful and exciting art form of dance. Watch and prepare to be amazed by athleticism, grace and sexy shirtless men!

The Newsroom (HBO)
New fuel for my cable tv addiction
How great do the previews for this show look!? Not to get too political or preachy on you, but I am extremely critical of the impact the 24-hour news cycle is having on global affairs and American politics. I am also extremely fond of anything Aaron Sorkin and/or HBO touches. So obviously, I'm pretty confident that Sunday's series premiere is going to be amazeballs (and my inner couch potato is counting on it).

The Wire (HBO via HBOGo app & borrowed DVDs)
I'm overdue to see for myself what the hype is about.
This show is my summer project. Premiering in June 2002 and airing its season finale in March of 2008, I missed The Wire completely on first pass. What I find noteworthy however, is that over four years after the last episode aired, this show is a constant source of conversation for my fellow tv-loving friends. If the hype is legit, I expect Dr. H and I will be going on multiple episode per night binges by mid-July.

Tosh.O (Comedy Central)
I've got a serious Daniel Tosh crush
Warning: this show has been known to make me (a) gag; (b) cringe; and (c) fall over laughing. Tosh.O is a collection of internet video gems, expertly discovered and strung together with socially inappropriate (and very often totally offensive) jokes. Dr. H and I love Tosh's ability to amuse, disgust and insult people of all races, creeds, sexualities and genders in his 30 minute time-slot. 

Are we missing something!? Help Dr. H and I fill our tv time by leaving a comment below!

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