Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's better with a theme...

I am a firm believer in the awesomeness of a theme party. Now I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes, but truly... if you select the right theme for your crowd and occasion, a theme can instantly up the enthusiasm of your guests and make your party extra memorable. And lucky for me, themes and stylized celebrations seem to be ALL the rage right now! Thanks to Pinterest and party planning bloggers like Jordan of OhHappyDay (her blog is a never ending source of inspiration) it's easier than ever to become the host or hostess with the mostest. Here for your enjoyment are some merry meri tips for rocking the theme trend at your next party.

* Pick something easy.
"Stripes & Dots" / "Pretty in Pink"
Let your decor serve as inspiration for guest dress.
When throwing a theme party, you've got to know your crowd. How much effort are they going to be willing to make? If it's Halloween, costumes are an easy sell, but come winter, maybe a Wig Party is the perfect compromise. Or what about Glasses & Mustaches and have a pile of accessories for guests to select from at the door?! I recently discovered The TomKat Studio for ideas and supplies - check it out!

* As host, you've got to set the mood.
"Party Animals"
Nobody is going to get into a theme unless you're into it yourself! Sport a party getup that's fit for bragging and have some spare accessories for guests that show up "slightly unprepared" (ex: of course there will be glow jewelry at my Brighter the Better party in case someone leaves their neon at home!) Figure out foods that match the theme and craft (or buy) a few unique decorations to really take it to the next level.

* Get creative (and be personal).
"Fun & Games"
One of my favorite theme parties I've hosted was my Happy Hockey Birthday. I LOVE the sport and seeing my friends decked out in jerseys (and even a faux helmet) totally made my night! Think about things you and your guests love and find inspiration in everything from Cheese & Chocolate to Backyard Fun & Games (20-somethings on a Slip 'n Slide is a sight to be seen!)

* Don't go crazy - parties are supposed to be fun!
"Take a Chill Pill Party"
Not every party has to be a RAGING party. Not every raging party has to be uber-styled and stressful for the host. Know your own limits and make sure you don't plan beyond them. Keep the music pumping (a good playlist is KEY!) and the drinks flowing and your party will be a hit no matter the theme.

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