Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quirk it!

As long as it's over the top, I don't care
how you fold it!
Yesterday I found myself with my hand wedged in the toilet paper dispenser at work. On pee number three of the day (I drink a lot of water!) I could no longer handle the “upside down” way the roll of toilet paper was hung, so I took it upon myself to do a little adjusting. The loose sheet should hang down over the top of the roll, not out from underneath it and that is that. Cleaning service be damned, I will have my t.p. the way I want it!

And for me, this type of “order” extends far beyond the bathroom. I always set my alarm clock to “off” times (7:14am or 7:22pm depending on whether I’m washing my hair) I do not like sauces on my plate to touch and I typically read magazines from back to front. Where on earth do these quirks come from and how do I end up compulsively caring about some things (I cannot go to sleep with dirty dishes on the counter) while allowing for complete chaos in others (half unpacked suitcases have been known to sit on my floor for over a week). What are some of your quirks? Are you able to let the toilet paper be or are you right there next to me with your hand in the dispenser? 

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