Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hump Day Distractions

A promised, here are your weekly goodies from around the web (with a holiday theme of course!):

* 'tis the season to get your party on, but how "festive" you can be depends on where you work.
* Someday I will do this craft (there's been an empty tomato sauce jar sitting in my sink for the past 10 days... maybe in time for Valentines?) 
I'm not sure about all 10 fingers, but how about making it an "accent" on one? (via Cup of Jo) 
* Get into the Channuka spirit (enough oil to out-do the Maccabis):  (not mentioned but a personal favorite: the latke appetizer at Noho Star ; 2 latkes topped with tuna sashimi, seaweed salad and a wasabi creme fraiche) 
* "guess why I smile a lot?... 'cause it's worth it" - Marcel the Shell (part 2). 

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