Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am a “daily deals” floozy.

Do you buy “daily deals”? I do and I do it with reckless abandon. Groupon, Lifebooker, Gilt, Goldstar and Living Social have all led to significant savings and awesome adventures for Dr. H and I - everything from wine, cheese and a dance lesson, to two hours of home cleaning services. I’ve always been a bargain shopper and these sites take my love of a good deal to a whole new level. Sometimes I am searching for something specific (why pay full price for a massage if you don’t have to?) and sometimes it’s an impulse purchase (I could hear Tim Gunn saying “make it work!” as I clicked on the Mood Fabric deal). My most frequent purchases are for fitness classes - spa yoga, boot camp, core fusion - all items that might be cost prohibitive if I looked into a membership. Aside from the savings though, deal sites help me know about cool events and unique businesses around my city. It’s impossible to know every nook and cranny of Manhattan, but daily deals highlight some of the city’s latest and greatest.

One noteworthy thing about being such a daily deal floozy however, is that I rarely form a “permanent relationship” and I’m fairly certain that is not what participant businesses have in mind when they agree to post a deal. I think they want things to get "serious"! Do you scour daily deal sites? Do you think it’s wrong to use a deal coupon and then never go back?
Update: In honor of today's post (and the 10+ hour days we've been spending hunched over computers) I just booked Dr. H and I massages for tonight through Lifebooker. Happy (cost effective) Channuka to us!
* Btw, today is the day I start using these stunning Tiffany ads as images even though they have nothing to do with the topic of the post. Wintery, holiday, pretty.

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