Monday, December 19, 2011

Music for Your Mood

I listen to A LOT of music. On any given day I listen to at least a few hours of tunes whether it be on my iPod on the go, on Pandora at my desk or at home as an awesome alternative to the television. I am that person on the subway who says “WHA!?” when you ask me a question as I remove an ear bud and ask you to repeat yourself (inevitably as the doors begin to slide closed between us, I’m sorry!) I use music to suit my mood, or to change my mood if I’m feeling ambitious. Getting dressed to go out? Hit me with my “Shut up and dance” playlist. Late night in the cubicle? I’ll take some jazzy “Frank Sinatra Radio” please. And this goes for bad moods too. When I first moved to New York (leaving college and a boyfriend behind in DC) I frequently allowed myself to mope around for extended periods of time. I would leave grad school, head for the subway and pop the latest Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack tear jerker into my ears. Sulky and sad I would emote all the way home (crying in public is totally cool in NYC, even the Times writes about it).

Does anyone else do this? While there’s no denying that it takes time, energy and some dolla bills to keep my world filled with awesome tunes, I find that my moods are enhanced by a soundtrack and I think that’s a good thing. My “Happy Times Music” playlist really makes me feel happy and sometimes we all need an hour alone with Adele on a grey rainy day. Below is a small sample from the aforementioned “Happy Times Music” for you to consider... Any suggestions!?

(I made all of these song titles links to the actual songs! Today is your lucky day! Woo!!)

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