Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Annnd we're back!

Hey there everybody! Welcome back to your regularly scheduled merry programming. How are we doing on this lovely winter Tuesday? Personally, I'm suffering from a major case of the post-holiday “ho-hums”. I just made this term up, but I think it describes the feeling perfectly. It’s that “I just had an awesome [insert holiday/vacation/fun activity here] that I’d really been looking forward to, now it’s over and I’m back to real life which isn’t bad, it’s just not as awesome as [insert same holiday/vacation/fun activity here]”. Are you familiar with the “ho hums”!?

I had a wonderful long weekend celebrating, relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing with my family and now I’m just... ho hum. I find it so difficult to get back into the swing of things after wrapping up something wonderful and long anticipated! It’s like I need a buffer day between vacation and reality. Topping off my ho hums is that most of my closest friends are STILL on vacation, including my bestest bud Dr. H, who is currently in Florida. I’m jealous and sun tan-less. 

How do you recover from the “ho hums”? I like to find the next fun activity and start thinking about how awesome it will be immediately. I try to always have my next awesome activity on the calendar because even if it’s far away, knowing that it’s out there helps win the ho hum battle. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long this time because I have a New Year’s weekend getaway right around the corner! (Only 70 hours away, but who’s counting!?)

(Note: those 2 Tiffany lovebirds are NOT having a ho hum day).

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  1. I get over my "ho-hums" by using my google calendar, I try to put something fun on it each week- even if it is just having wine with a girlfriend or scheduling in a phone conversation. If its on my calendar I can always bring up my calendar at work and realize I have a ton of stuff to get excited about!