Monday, December 12, 2011

My Grandpa said to write a book

During my wedding reception (right in the middle, somewhere between a toast and the raging dance party) my 85 year old Grandfather said to me “you should write a book!” I’m not entirely sure where this thought came from at that particular moment, but it stuck with me. I’ve always loved writing, I have a ridiculous amount to say on any given topic (dating back to the “talks too much in class” box being checked on every elementary school report card) and I am addicted to projects (scrapbooks, decorating, party-planning, the list goes on and on...) Since I’m also an instant gratification kinda gal and word on the street is that publishers require more than “Grandpa said this would be a good idea,” I’ve decided that writing a blog will be my new hobby... welcome to the world Seek to be Merry!
Question: “What is your blog going to be about?” Answer: Stuff. Lots of it. As a seeker of happiness in even the most dull situations, I hope to get you thinking and smiling daily.
Question: “Why do you think people will want to read what you have to say?” Answer: Because it’s interesting! In debating whether to start a blog I asked myself if it was narcissistic to think people would care about what I write. In truth, it might be, but I’m going for it. I think all bloggers believe they have something to say that’s worth sharing and as my elementary school teachers properly ascertained, I fit into that category quite nicely:)
Ironically, Grandpa does not own a computer and I’m fairly certain he thinks email addresses are evil. Perhaps for my muse, a weekly “print-edition” may be in order. Thank you Grandpa for inspiring Seek to be Merry and welcome merry readers to my newest project!
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