Friday, December 30, 2011

The Most Overrated Holiday (which I am incapable of ignoring)

New Year’s Eve. This is the only holiday that I am consistently underwhelmed by, but I nevertheless put tremendous energy into. Time and again I angst about finding the perfect plans, the ideal sequin-to-black ratio outfit and the most festive location and without fail, the hype is not worth the hassle! There is so much PRESSURE to make NYE this unforgettable moment or this once-in-a-lifetime occasion when really, it’s just another midnight!

Some of my very best NYEs have been those I paid the least attention to, like last year when I *gasp* repeated my outfit from the prior year, had a dance party in my living room with Dr. H and then somehow found my way to a boozy crowded dance floor, sharing midnight smooches and champagne with one of my favorite girlfriends. The year I spent hours shopping and $100 to get into a Club? Dud and a half. How did we all end up feeling compelled to make this night so extraordinary?

I like New Year’s Eve as a moment for reflection and rejuvenation (and, I admit, gratuitous sequin wearing). I love the idea that we can “start fresh” with new goals, plans, hopes and dreams just because the calendar says another year is beginning. Getting shwasted by 11:59 and raging until sunrise doing the coolest thing I’ve ever done? Meh, too much pressure for me. I’ll happily take excellent company and a whole lot of laughter instead. If we end up toasting until sunrise and dancing until our feet ache, it’ll be because life is good and we’re enjoying it together, not because of a celebration started by the NY Times as a publicity stunt (interesting and TRUE).

May you all ring in 2012 with awesome people, a loving smooch and an outfit that makes you feel merry!

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