Thursday, April 3, 2014

Girls on the Internet.

Yes. Yes please now.
I can clearly remember several years ago, sitting on my living room couch with 2 girlfriends, surfing the internet for engagement rings. I wasn't really in the market at that time, but it can't hurt to look right!? Then came wedding dresses, so many hours spent browsing for dresses, even with friends who were already married or not even engaged. It was just the girlish thrill of looking at those gorgeous gowns and we were all doing it so that made the obsession seem acceptable.. 

Well now it's real estate. Apartments, houses... doesn't matter that I'm locked into a lease until this fall and nowhere near financially able to buy, Dr. H receives emails of  "dream home" listings several times per month. Gone are the diamonds and dresses, now I fantasize about crown molding and tall windows, parquet floors and built-in bookshelves. And at first I thought maybe I was a little whack-a-doo (I am), spending time pouring over real estate listings for really no reason, until a girlfriend showed me her Trulia App, which she said she uses to casually peruse listings from her phone whenever she's bored, despite the fact that she moved to a new home very recently! I instantly felt better, at least I'm not alone!! And besides, I've got Pinterest boards filled with decor for an imaginary home, might as well start shopping right!? What do you spend your time, wasting your time, browsing the internet for?

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