Friday, April 11, 2014

F.I.T.S. of Merriment

Sunset at Hotel Belmar
Merry Meri is on vacation so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy! (Read past F.I.T.S. posts HERE.)

FunnySo. True.
Interesting: Want to know how to prevent your hydrangea bouquets from instantly wilting!?
Tasty: It may not be winter, but I still want to eat ALL of these NYC eats.
Site I Love: Fancy having more pretty Paris pictures in your life!? Well Paris in Four Months is a lovely little blog I stumbled upon a few months ago, written by Carin, an incredibly talented photographer who moved to Paris for a few months from her native Stockholm and never looked back. Her photos are swoonworthy and she also posts interesting articles and tid bits about the world of high fashion as well. In it just for the pictures? You can follow Carin on Instagram HERE

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