Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Battle of Blanket

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Two nights ago, Dr. H announced that he wanted to swap out our (beautiful) comforter for a lighter weight quilt. He said he's too hot at night and the (cozy, luscious, fluffy... see where this is going!?) blanket we've been using for the past 18 months should be replaced before the weather gets any warmer. "Fine" I said without debate, "I will start looking for something". I figured why not? It's an excuse to buy some new bedding...

Fast forward to last night when I discovered that Operation Replacement Blanket was in full effect. Dr. H had taken our duvet to the cleaners (way to go!) and was proposing that we use one of our spare blankets for bed that night. "WHAT!?! That moth ball smelling, too small, doesn't match blanket that you used with lord knows who on your bed in college!?!" (Perhaps I overreacted just a tad?) The conversation spiraled quickly (down in productivity, up in volume...) to the heart of the matter: I love our blanket, I don't want a quilt, and though I'd tried the night before to be "cool wife" and put my husband's bedtime needs ahead of mine (usually the right call in our household:) I didn't realize it would happen so fast and dammit I wasn't ready to part with my fluffy, beautiful bedding! 

One glass of scotch (his) and a vodka soda (hers) later, the Battle of Blanket had ended, but the debacle, like frogging and mattress size before it, remained: when bed-mates prefer different things... who wins!? All I'll say is that Dr. H should thank his lucky stars that I'm a good sleeper:)

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