Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pinterest-ing Lately.

I needed to pin this. Obviously.
I am a Pinterest addict. I absolutely LOVE the site as a source of inspiration, information and mindless entertainment (not to mention crucial to my blog content!) and I actually get stressed if more than a day or 2 goes by without time to scroll through my feed (how will I catch up on all those pins!? What if I miss something epic-ly awesome that I NEEDED to re-pin!?) Some of my pins have a clear purpose (recipe, craft idea, decor or fashion inspiration) while others are just because they make me smile (I have an entire board dedicated to "Disney Dreams" and another simply for things that are "Beautiful to Look At"!) So here for your Thursday clicking pleasure are some of my favorite Pins from lately:

How simple/sexy/chic is this look!? I have all the pieces in my closet (black blazer, ripped boyfriend jeans, grey t and black clutch).Add some strappy heels for additional polish... Friday night are you here yet!? Pin it HERE.

OMG this is brilliant. Perfect for road trips, tailgating or general ready-for-anythingness! Pin it HERE, buy it HERE.

So true.

I keep my sunnies collection balanced on the top of my bedroom mirror, but this storage/display solution is pretty cool (plus I always find that keeping all my options visible is key to remembering all my options!) $50 to buy for those of you that aren't craft-inclined, but I think you could easily DIY this with some ingenuity and assistance from Home Depot. Pin it HERE, buy it HERE.

This dessert... this Nutella, berry bruschetta dessert, must get in my BELLY! Pin it HERE, full recipe HERE.

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