Monday, April 21, 2014

dresses and grass

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First of all, guys, I'm blushing over here. How sweet is that Merry Meri of ours? She totally has my back with the blog that I started, and some of you have even checked it out! Hope you're liking what you see over there! Clerical note: I'm going to switch to the pseudonym system for my little family that I'm using over there, instead of the initials that I (initially, ha) started with here.

So my daughter Sally, has, for quite some time been unswervingly focused on being in "just her legs" when she wears a dress. There may or may not be twisting, kicking tantrums that ensue when I tell her that it's a tights or leggings day (it's always been slightly aggravating for me, because as my dad says, it can be like trying to dress a drill bit).

So the other (leggings-wearing) day, she finally gave some insight into her strong feelings on the subject. She uttered what might possibly be the most innocent and beautifully simple sentence ever: "mommy I don't want to wear leggings because I like when the dress tickles my legs."

Oof. So simple. So sweet. Something so little brings her so much joy. During the spurt of warm weather two weekends ago, she got similarly upset when we said she had to leave her shoes on (we were doing yard work, so the grass was seed-y and wet - I know, I know, we're cruel, thoughtless parents). And then, wait for it, she says - "but I want the grass to tickle my feet. Mommy, take your shoes off so the grass can tickle your feet too."

Always practical (and responsible) aren't I? Leggings when its cold, shoes when its wet. Do we lose that sense of simple joy when we grow up and become responsible adults? Or maybe it really the small things that we look forward to, that drive us? (believe me, the big, responsibility-laden stuff is quite a motivator as well). When I think about the things or moments that bring me actual joy, its everyday happenings, its the times when we remember what tickles our legs and kick and scream to make sure we get to experience it. 

What is it for you?

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