Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The most important thing to prep for the holidays...

Well hello there!
With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is buzzing about appetizers, desserts, gifts and hosting, so I thought I would take a few steps back from the chaos and talk about something really important: your hair. Specifically, how you my friend, can be the envy of all at the table with a simple, sassy hairdo. Now before you go "but I can't!" I'm here to say "oh yes you can!" Many updos are far easier than you would expect and just require a bit of patience, good product and maybe a test run the day before, to achieve perfection.

This style from The Beauty Department is great "for shorties" like myself. Can't really use a curling iron? No problem, sleep with your hair slightly damp and in a bun the night before for gentle, natural body. Can't do fancy french braids? (Me neither!) Try these knots (like tying your shoe) for a way simpler way to achieve the same texture. Full post HERE. Pinterest HERE.

Another simple to execute but totally adorable style from The Beauty Department. This look is great for girlies with bangs, side bangs or just one who rocks a bun. The final result is charming and fresh with very little fuss. Full post HERE. Pinterest HERE.

Well, it doesn't get much easier than this! The "Tuck and Cover" from My Soul is the Sky requires only shoulder-ish length hair and 2 elastic hairbands to give you this classic-meets-bohemian look. Full post HERE. Pinterest HERE.

Bed head has never looked so good! This sexy braided look from A Little Bit Of... is casual "hippie-chic" and in my opinion perfect for a hearty Thanksgiving meal followed by backyard football and couch lounging. Absolutely one of those styles that tricks people into thinking you have crazy hair stylin skills! Full post HERE. Pinterest HERE

Merry Meri Hair Tricks of the Trade:
* Try a style out for the first time when your hair is wet. Even though this may not deliver a lot of body, wet hair has great hold for styling and it lets you practice the moves required to get the style right.
* Never use clean hair!! Wash the night (or ideally day) before for optimal oily/non-silky hair. If you have bangs or front angle pieces and are worried about looking greasy, pull those out and wash/blowdry just that front section before starting to style. If your hair is unavoidably freshly washed and dried, try spraying with a light hold spray first to make it less soft.
* Accessorize to hide imperfection!! (A personal favorite.) This past weekend I successfully copied a style I had done by a pro by using black hair flowers (approx $3 at Forever 21) to hide my whispy-stick-outs and sloppy bobby pin job. H&M and Forever 21 have an awesome inexpensive collection of pins, clips, scarves and flowers to add some sass to your style (while secretly hiding its flaws!)
* Have the right tools on hand. Tiny clear elastics, lots of bobby pins, light hold spray and heavy hold spray (for 1 final spritz at the end if it's a tighter style).
* Don't wait until the day-of to try a new style for the first time, especially if you aren't used to styling your own hair. Take some time on a quiet Saturday or Sunday morning to sit in front of the mirror and play around. Improvise based on your own hair's length and texture and don't be afraid to pull it all out and start over (I usually do at least twice!)
* Click HERE, HERE and HERE for a few other styles that I turn to on a regular basis for hair wow'ing!

PS- In case you were wondering how the plans from THIS post were coming, I was on an un-avoiding ROLL last night! Closet, sheets, laundry, dinner... I even scrubbed the stove top. Game on Fall Funk.


  1. Thanks for the mention Meri! I'm glad you enjoy this hairstyle (: It's a fun one (:

  2. I love the style Melissa - thanks for checking out the blog!!