Thursday, November 7, 2013

Au Naturale.

Makeup free and still stunning
Yesterday I was naked all day. Not naked as in "get some clothes on woman!" but naked as in 100% makeup free. You see, I start every Wednesday with a workout (at least once per week, as promised!) and I shower and head straight to work afterwards. Occasionally,  I forget to pack all the essentials in my gym bag and yesterday it was my makeup (for the record, the time I forgot a bra was way worse!) 

Now, I have a far from comprehensive daily makeup routine. Some under eye concealer and brightener, followed by a quick swipe of bronzer, blush and eyeliner are pretty much it, but without those few products, I felt exposed and certainly less put together. Nevertheless, as the day wore on and my un-lined, grey circled eyes seemed even more noticeable, there was something kind of refreshing about going au naturale. My skin looked like my skin and I felt less oily and day-old-makeupy. Sure my "flaws" were hanging out for all to see (and I would have made an emergency trip to Sephora for a face of tester makeup if I'd had plans to go out after work!), but for "just another Wednesday" I think I sported "natural beauty" fairly well (I wonder what my co-workers thought!!) 

Next time you have a chance, consider giving your face a day off from painted on perfection - you may not have the flawless look you're accustomed to, but I'm guessing that fresh faced natural you is pretty beautiful too!

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