Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Funk.

Are you ready to un-funk with me!?
Lately I have been in a bit of a fall funk. Not the sad, mopey or grumpy type of funk (yes, there are various iterations of funk) more the lazy, unmotivated, can't force myself to do the things I'm usually able to get done, sort of funk. Each night it's the same thing - I could work out, but I could also put on sweatpants.... I could cook dinner, but I could also just order takeout... I could clean, organize, wash _______, but I could also NOT. Lately I've been opting for a whole lot of NOT.

And the crazy thing is that the more I roll around in my cozy little funk of non-productivity, the more willing I am to stay there. I mean, if I can't remember the last time I washed my sheets, what difference will 1 more night make? I can always go back to cooking and exercising tomorrow... So what's an obsessed-with-being-productive-girl to do? How are we going to de-funk from this epic episode of laziness? Lists and Moderation my friends. I believe any overwhelming task can be solved with a neat little list and manageable goals so this week I'm going to select 2 tasks per night that I've been avoiding and un-avoid them. Tonight I'm going to wash those damn sheets and tidy my closet (which underwent an emergency pipe fix last week that led to everything having to come out. BUMMER.) If I'm feeling wild and crazy I might even cook Dr. H dinner (but let's not get too carried away). With an organizing list and taking it 2 things at a time, I'm hoping that like most good-for-you activities, getting over the hump of starting will lead to the smug satisfaction of accomplishment that keeps the ball rolling. I mean it's Monday and the week is my oyster. Who's with me!?

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