Monday, November 25, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month XI.

You CAN. I know you can.
This post is the 11th installment of SeektobeMerry's "Healthy Habit of the Month" series. Sourced from my bff's at Weight Watchers, online articles and my own efforts to keep fit and trim, throughout 2013, I will attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into my life each month. Join me!

Can you believe that it's been 11 months!? With 10 new healthy habits behind us, how would you rate your progress? While I'd love to brag and say that I'm a fitter, trimmer, healthier me through and through, I'm gonna be honest with you all and say, "I'm getting there". Like so many other "life changes" I try to implement (shop less, clean up more, etc) I have bouts of success as well as periods of struggle (not failure, no one here fails!) Sometimes I'm nailing 7 or 8 of our habits feelin like a boss, and other times sweatpants Meri takes over and I'm a sedentary, veggie-less mess. These things take time... and persistence... commitment. Which is why this month's healthy habit isn't about adding more, but instead...

Healthy Habit of the Month #11: Double Down
This month we're going to get serious about our success by doubling down. Take a look at all of the healthy habits we've tried to implement this year (full recap below). Where were you the most successful? For me, I have stuck to a scheduled workout every week since setting that goal, so I'm going to double down and try to schedule TWO (whoa!) Maybe you were great at the monthly challenge? Go back for another, but this time include two activities like squats and crunches. If packing a snack is now part of your daily routine, maybe you bump it up a notch and also pack lunch? You get the idea. During this hectic time of year, it's easy to let healthy habits slide, so instead of trying to add another new thing to your routine, take your strong suit and make it even stronger!

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