Friday, November 1, 2013

On old balls.

Ask Marilyn- lounging on the couch is the height of glamour
Remember THIS post when I proclaimed my old-ness because of a decision to pair a work outfit with gym sneakers for a walk home? Well move over fashion faux pas, there's a new sign of old balls in town. You see, it's Friday and even though Sis has invited me to a one-more-night-in-costume Halloween party at a bar (and you know how much I love Halloween), I kinda, sorta, want to stay... in. Someone register me for AARP.

This morning, as I peeled myself out of bed and stared in the mirror at "good luck with that concealer" levels of dark circles under my eyes, I started to think about the awesomeness of Friday and my post-work plans (gotta get through the work day somehow!) Staring down the barrel of a drunken night in costume while I brushed my teeth, I fantasized about yoga, take-out noodles and cleaning my apartment. That's right, I am now daydreaming about a pile-free kitchen table and 75 minutes of stretching. WHAT!? Based on these visions, it would seem, I'm at precipice. Though I've always prided myself on boundless energy and being extremely persuadable, my tastes are apparently changing. Relaxing by going out and feelin fly now has solid competition from staying in and wearing sweatpants... That's what I call old balls right there. And while there's definitely still a chance I'll "(wo)man up" and throw on my Dracula cape one more time tonight, if this rain doesn't stop and there's a good movie on TBS... somebody get me an order of drunken noodles and let's call it a night. 

I want to go to there.
Have a wonderful (and relaxing) weekend my merry friends!!

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