Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time for bed?

My idol.
Do you have a bed time? Most studies show that sticking with a regular sleeping pattern, including turning in at roughly the same time each night (and even having a regular routine pre-bed), helps your body function best and allows you to feel most rested. I've got more than a few adult friends who have self-imposed bedtimes (at least on weeknights) and their diligence for sticking to them amazes me. As you might have guessed, Dr. H and I do not have a bedtime. 

I am very much a night owl and in addition to having lots of energy after the sun goes down, my brain requires an insane amount of vegetating to calm itself enough for me to actually fall asleep. Between working late, loving tv, Dr. H's genuine need to "nap it out" on the couch post-dinner (is that like an all men thing!?) and needing a lot of time to unwind, it's rare for me to head to bed before 11:30 and I'd say I average 12:30 for lights out (unless I'm reading something really good, which is apparently a whole other problem). Thankfully, studies also show that there isn't one set time that's best for hitting the hay, it's more related to the total number of hours of sleep that you get (which for most adults should be 7-8 hours (HA!)) and waking up around the same time each morning (HA!HA!!). So even though I joke that bedtimes are for kids and old people, maybe it's time for me to jump on the bedtime bandwagon and put myself to sleep! Now to pick a time... 

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