Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DI"Y" t-shirt quilt

Via Project Repat
If you are anything like Dr. H and I, you have a massive collection of cotton t-shirts, from travel, college, concerts and other places where you thought "I know how I will commemorate ____, I will buy a shirt!!" And you probably wore and loved that shirt for a period of time and then your weekend style matured, you bought real pajamas and/or working out in cotton became a sweaty mess that you phased-out in favor of lycra. And even though you haven't worn it in ages, you can't stand the idea of parting with your beloved t-shirt. 

Enter Pinterest and the brilliant idea of making a quilt out of these shirts. "Perfect!" I thought, "I am mildly crafty and a decent sewer, I can totally take on this project". Well, 2+ years later, the thing I didn't take into account was the massive time-suck cutting, sewing, batting and backing would be, especially since I sew by hand. Thankfully though, for everything we don't want/have time to do, there's someone you can pay to do it for you. Enter Project Repat (website HERE) a company you can ship all your shirts to and they'll send you back a custom-made quilt in any size ranging from lap (16 shirt panels) to king (64 shirt panels). And the process is easy - mail them your shirts (actually just the front or back half, whichever side you want the panel made of) and they create the quilt and send it to you in 2-3 weeks with a microfleece backing in the color of your choice. Cool right!? And it gets better!! Use the coupon code FB15 and you'll get 25% off!
A Project Repat order is 100% happening in my household and since I love sharing my internet-licious finds with all of you, there ya go. Stay tuned for an update on how it turns out or take advantage of the coupon code and leap with me on an order today!! 

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  1. How brilliant! I love this idea:) Have a great morning, sweetie.