Monday, April 6, 2015

The crop top or NOT top?

Last week, when I was opining on spring 2015 fashion, my always chic, friend-of-the-blog Ms. (parent)thetically speaking asked in the comments section for my thoughts on wearing the (tasteful, tiny-bit-revealing) crop top trend. Girl, how do you read my mind so well!?

About a month ago, when I was having a particularly fit and healthy-eating week, I found myself in Zara, trying on THIS adorable eyelet crop top. On that miraculous Saturday, with normal waist-height jeans and a top sized to mostly cover me unless I lifted my arms, I was feeling body confident and trim and I said "I can pull this off tastefully!" so bought it. Full disclosure - I have yet to actually wear this top out of the house. I had it on vacation (where the weather was warm and crop-top friendly) but each time I tried to compose an outfit I liked, I worried that I would look silly, age-inappropriate, or if I'm being really honest, fat. Did I make a bad purchase!?

Here are some must-considers for those ladies thinking about sporting the crop top trend:
1) Does the shirt look well made? I think for those of us in the 30+ age bracket, fabric and cut of the shirt are vitally important. In my opinion, anyone older than a college co-ed is past being able to pull off a flimsy, short cotton crop top (anywhere other than the beach) without looking like she's trying too hard. Buying something structured, barely-belly-baring and well made with a quality fabric will ensure the youthful trend looks mature on you.
2) Do you own pants or skirts that will compliment the shirt? Not just from a style standpoint, but from the even more important flattering-fit standpoint. Even the tiniest of women can end up with a little muffin top over fitted pants or a tight-waisted skirt. Before going crop top, make sure you have bottoms that fit you well without cutting you off.
3) Do you have the confidence? This last question is probably most important. I believe there is no age when showing a little bit of toned tummy is not sexy and chic, but you have to feel comfortable rockin the look to really pull it off. 

Merry Meri Verdict: No need to be stick-thin or 18 years old for this trend, it's all about the outfit you compose - where the shirt hits you, how your pants sit, etc. etc. You'll know the right setting (a summer picnic, al fresco dinner with friends...), you have the tools to pick the right top, now you just have to bring the babe!

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