Monday, May 4, 2015

Croc Confessions

Cute. Comfy. Croc. (3 words I would not expect together!)
The sun is shining, temperatures are high and it would seem, that maybe, just maybe, spring is here to stay and summer is actually on the horizon (huzzah!!) Over weekend, in an attempt to enjoy this amazing turn of events, I spent lots of time outdoors, walking around, and I was once again faced with a crisis many women are familiar with... the age-old fashion vs. function debacle. 

I have always been a fashion over function lady (duh), but as my knees and back grow older (WTF!?) and my patience for discomfort gets shorter (I'm only human!), my quest to find shoes that look adorable, but also support a full day on my feet has become a priority. So yesterday, as I was strolling Soho in sassy, strappy sandals which felt only marginally more supportive than if I'd been walking barefoot (arg!), a moment of desperation and curiosity led me into the Crocs store. That's right, I said Crocs. And I found THESE and they are, my friends, a game changer. Made of that magical lightweight croc material that is somehow both cushiony and supportive, I slipped on the Leigh Wedge and knew I'd found a solution to my fashion vs. function summer shoe situation. These bad boys are so comfortable and so cute, I might even purchase a second pair in a different color (I bought "storm mushroom" which is pale blue/demin looking over a tan wedge). 

Now this hearty endorsement of a Croc style does not mean I am behind going full Mario Batali (just, NO, not ever), but if you're looking for an adorable summer shoe that's both comfortable and cute, the Crocs Leigh Wedge is the shoe for you!  

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  1. I love the pair you chose...I will have to check them out! Happy Tuesday, love.