Friday, November 7, 2014

Be still my ballerina loving heart...

What better way to send you into the weekend than with something beautiful, lovely and fascinating!?! Introducing the truly wonderful City.Ballet. series, a recent discovery* and my latest obsession. City.Ballet. is an online series of short videos about the New York City Ballet. Everything from the dancers' pursuit of a career in ballet, to growing within the company, coping with injuries and dating one another! It is such an amazing peak behind the curtain (literally!) at my beloved ballerinas and I feel like I've learned a TON about what their lives and careers are actually like. 

Each episode is about 6 minutes (perfect for watching when you need a quick break from or work or to relax before bed!) and they're narrated by the one and only quintessential New Yorker, Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker so, yeah... I feel like I've just discovered NYC Ballet's best kept secret because Season 2 just launched (how am I just hearing about this!?), so start with Season 1 Ep. 1 below and enjoy every minute from there!! 

Click HERE to watch the entire series on YouTube.

* Full credit and much gratitude to Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo for doing a post about this series and sharing it with her readers, including me. Gotta give the original discovery credit where it's due!

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