Monday, November 10, 2014

Weighing In...

Because we have a little trust-tree here and honesty is always the best policy, I thought I'd talk today about a current personal struggle... Recently, I have been struggling with my weight. 

As frequent readers of the blog know, I try to prioritize a healthy lifestyle while nevertheless enjoying the "finer things" (like cheese... and carbs... and vodka). Unfortunately, for the past few months, my ability to practice mindful eating seems to have evaporated and the number on the scale is (way) up. I see the change in my face and in the way my clothing fits and it's something I think about every time I look in the mirror. And though I've enjoyed every bite of the decisions that got me here (cookies anyone?), my predisposition for being overweight, a noticeably slowing metabolism (helllooo 30!) and how generally lousy I'm feeling mean I've got to address this. But how? 

Maybe because work has been so consuming or because I've been traveling more than ever (or because nachos taste so damn good), self-control and discipline have been really difficult to muster lately. I feel stuck and lacking in confidence and I don't like it one bit! And though I don't have a solution right now, or even anything peppy to say about this "weighty" situation (never too bummed for a good pun) I thought it was important to say out loud. Maybe for accountability, maybe so other ladies out there feeling the same way know they aren't alone... I'm not sure. But that's where I'm at and I'm hoping to find the motivation to make a change really soon. 


  1. sweet Merry! Thank you for being brave and sharing what so many of us face but are scared to talk about. I do want to just say, though, that you're being more mindful than you give yourself credit for just by doing this...acknowledging the behavior, admitting how you feel about the changes in your body, and giving yourself space to work through it! You are brilliant and beautiful...and sometimes you just need a cookie ;)

  2. Katie B, thank you so much for chiming in and making the trust tree that much more of a cozy, supportive community! Your encouragement and new angle on the issue definitely helped me see the situation in a more positive light. Thanks for reading :)