Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dressing & Impressing - tis (nearly) the season!

Fact... Until February. I'll be over it by February.
Ladies... we are officially at mid-November which means in 4 short weeks "Holiday Party Season" will be upon us (possibly sooner depending on when your December social calendar commitments begin!) I always love and simultaneously hate Holiday Party Season because:
1) dressing for these parties can be tricky, especially if it's an office or work-related function;
2) dressing for these parties can be pricy, since stores know just when to mark up their holiday-perfect pieces;
3) dressing for these parties can be glamorous, because there are so many chic black, gold, red and deep green options out there; and
4) dressing for these parties can be fun because holiday cheer looks great on everyone!

Here to help you get ahead of the shopping rush are a few gorgeous dresses I've spotted recently and how I'd wear them.

I absolutely adore this dress. I think it is chic, feminine, ever so slightly sexy, but without question elegant. Perfect for a holiday season wedding or a cocktail attire seasonal party, though a bit pricey, this dress is sure to turn heads. And just think, it will be perfect for Valentine's Day too:) Buy it HERE.

Is your office holiday party at the office or does it begin immediately after work making a "costume change" impossible (or maybe just inappropriate?) All three of the dresses above could transition beautifully from desk to dancing, have a little pop of holiday cheer (love that sassy gold belt!) and won't leave any co-workers questioning your taste for the office or the party! Buy it HERE, HERE and HERE.

If you're looking for a bolder, more unique holiday party look that is still unquestionably sophisticated, I love this jumpsuit. Pair it with high heels, statement earrings and maybe even a thin gold belt to take the look straight into holiday party rock star status. Buy it HERE.

Finally, if your holiday party is all about bringing the glam, this dress is the one for you. Just as fancy, but a whole lot more sassy than the lil red number I posted first, this dress does beading and sequins without screaming dance costume or flapper. I think it's stunning and could be paired with strappy, sexy shoes or black tights and heels depending on how high you want to turn it up. Buy it HERE.


  1. Ah, the top dress is something special but the jumpsuit tickles my fancy as well:) I'm so looking forward to the Holiday party season. Muah, sweetie.

  2. The first one is just amazing party outfit!! It is perfect for any kind of event. I am going to buy it for our upcoming corporate holiday party. I was quite busy in finding some company holiday party ideas but now I am done with that so I can concentrate on my party attire and other things.